Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ms. Palo's Class Plants

Today Ms. Palo's class planted broccoli and kale in an upper bed.  Before planting the students mixed in some compost. We organized the bed with the square foot gardening method which involved  measuring with the yardstick and marking with tape. We put one broccoli plant in a square foot and two kale plants in a square foot.

This bed also contains a 2 year old white sage plant that we will transplant to the Native American Garden later when it's cooler. Each student got a leaf to smell. We discussed how our local Native Americans, the Chumash and Tongva, burned white sage as part of ceremonies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Parent Garden Workshop on 9/1/15

Ms. Marie, Marquez volunteer garden teacher and UCCE Master Gardener, invites all Marquez parents/grandparents to a fall garden workshop on Tuesday, September 1 in the staff lounge from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Come to learn about growing cool season veggies, what warm season veggies you can still grow, sample some food from the garden including kale smoothies, learn about the garden program and some ways you can assist e.g. helping kids plant or cook; painting; watering; adding or moving soil; etc. RSVPs appreciated to

Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 14: What's happening in the garden

What's Growing: The passion fruit vine has bloomed and we have one green passionfruit. The salsa garden and three sisters garden have been replanted. Milkweed is flowering in the butterfly garden.

On-going Upkeep: The garden shed is all organized, potting soil has been moved, new plants are planted in the butterfly garden and the tables are clean, thanks to Rachel, Elena, Kira and Gaby. Mulch has been moved to the Native American Garden by Zach Eastland and his friends.

Volunteer needs: Contact Ms. Marie if you or your children wish to sort and alphabetize seeds, add compost to a raised bed and remove weeds, assist in planting or cooking during class gardening time.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

End of Summer Garden Update

We're looking for some help: someone to paint a "Welcome" sign for the garden that we can attach to one of the gates; some people to install weed cloth or hardware cloth in one or two of the beds (and move soil to make this possible; assistance in organizing the shed. Ms. Marie will be in the garden on Friday, August 14 at 9 am. Contact her re helping then or one day when school has started.

What's growing in the garden: the salsa garden and the 3 Sisters Garden have been replanted. We should have some vegetables to harvest in a month or so. Lemon verbena is growing in a bag on the gate and milkweed is doing well in the butterfly garden. We'll be planting some seedlings in the butterfly garden as most plants there died over the summer.

Most of the plants in the Native American Garden are doing well with their once a week watering. The hummingbird sage is especially happy!

I look forward to seeing the kids soon!