Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ms. Keller's Class Plants Peas and Learns about Thomas Jefferson

Ms. Keller's class had their first lesson in the Jeffersonian Garden unit last week. 1/2 of the class came at a time. We reviewed that Jefferson was the 3rd president. The students learned that he had a plantation called Monticello and that it was in Virginia. Other facts: the vegetable garden was 1,000 feet long, Jefferson grew many fruits and vegetables, his favorite vegetable was English peas. We are planting heirloom vegetables this year. We purchased most of the seeds from Monticello. One of the students acted as scribe and took notes.

Ms. Schwartz's Class Makes Salsa

Today Ms. Schwartz's 3rd grade class made salsa. Some of the ingredients came from the salsa garden that they had planted in 2nd grade. Students were assigned to stations based upon ingredients. The young chefs did a good job cutting and measuring!


8 tomatoes
1 bunch cilantro
2 garlic cloves
4-5 green onions
3 T. Lime juice
1-2 jalapeño peppers
3 T. Olive oil

Note: when cutting the pepper, use gloves and/or avoid touching eyes. Combine all ingredients and serve with tortillas.

Thanks to the parent volunteers Michelle Ross, Steve Regen and Sam Evans. Thanks to Mia for harvesting the peppers.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ms. Conn's Class Plants in the Jeffersonian Garden

This week Ms. Conn's 5th graders began their study of Thomas Jefferson the president and horticulturist. An application to social studies was that they learned that he was the 3rd president, had a plantation called Monticello and that it was in Virginia and that he asked Lewis and Clark to bring back plants and seeds. They also learned that the garden was 1,000 feet long and that it has been restored.

We are planting heirloom seeds from the Center for Historic Plants at Monticello in the 5th grade Jeffersonian garden. At this time we're planting cool season vegetables. The students voted to plant kale, radishes, lettuce and cabbage. They planted Lacinato Kale, China Rose Winter Radish, Tennis Ball Lettuce and Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage.

As always when planting a new crop, we amended the soil with compost. In this case we used Worm-Gro that was donated by Kellogg's Garden Products.

Lacinato or dinosaur kale that was grown last year. 

Tennis ball lettuce that was grown last year.

Zoe was the scribe for the class and wrote down salient points including new vocabulary such as restored and heirloom. We discussed the meaning of these and other terms. One student, in explaining the meaning of heirloom, mentioned that she had an heirloom Christmas ornament. We also discussed the meaning of heirloom seeds and seed saving.

New donation of seeds

Thanks to Seed Savers Exchange for donating 50 packages of seeds to the Marquez Edible Garden. We'll plant cool season lettuces such as slobolt, bunte forellenschluss and mascara in October. For tips on planting and seed saving, visit www.seedsavers.org/helpfullinks.htm. Seed Savers donates seeds to 501 (c) 3s that encourage gardening and seed saving.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Can you help us get ready to plant?

Volunteers are helping to get the edible garden ready for fall planting. Today three 5th grade girls sorted seeds. In the next two weeks we will be lining the raised beds to keep out weeds and we'll also be adding some new soil and compost.

In the next two weeks, volunteers are needed for the following tasks: adding weed barriers to the beds this requires digging down 12-18",  adding new compost and soil, planting flowers in the butterfly garden and replacing a broken removable panel in one of the beds.

Also, we'll start fall garden lessons and harvest cooking lessons the last week of September. Please let your teacher/s know if you'd like to help with your child's class.

Our harvest cooking lessons will be courtesy of Gelson's Markets and Gibson International Realty.

Please let me know if you'd like to help with general gardening, watering, teaching and/or cooking. I can be reached at info@palisadescares.org.

Ms. Marie

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mr. Lantos' Class Plants

Today Mr. Lantos' class learned about Thomas Jefferson and planted in the 5th grade garden. Facts learned included: Jefferson was the 3rd President of the US., his plantation was named Monticello and it is in Virginia. They also learned that he was a horticulturist, his garden was 1,000 feet long, he enjoyed eating vegetables and had a celebration with his neighbors to celebrate the harvest of English peas, his favorite vegetable.  We discussed the meaning of heirloom (something passed down) and seed saving since we are planting seeds from the Monticello garden. Caden was the scribe.

After amending the soil with compost the students planted Champion of England Peas and Tennis Ball Lettuce.

The garden program in 5th grade complements the social studies unit on Colonial America. The seeds which we plant are purchasedfrom the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants.