Thursday, January 16, 2014

2nd graders study soil

This week Ms. Conner's class and Mr. Jacobs's class investigated three types of soil-sand, clay and garden soil. They looked at the differences, e.g. leaves, animals and roots in garden soil but not in the others. We discussed how quickly or slowly water goes through the soils. We'll study this topic more.

We also discussed the components of composting-greens (vegetable and fruit waste) and browns (from trees e.g. paper, sawdust, leaves, small branches. Some children added scraps from my kitchen to the compost bin and others watered it.

Children from Jacobs' class harvested and ate sugar snap peas from their bed. Children from Conner's class tasted arugula and mint. They planted some more seeds since squirrels have eaten some of their vegetables.

Thanks to parent volunteers Catherine and Heather for their help.

Investigating soil

A broccoli plant in Connor's class bed. It was eaten by squirrels

A tomato plant in Connor's class bed

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