Monday, August 11, 2014

4th grade Girl Scouts help out in the garden

The day before school started,  fifteen girl scouts from fourth grade Marquez Troop 12805 helped out in the edible garden as part of earning their junior level gardening patch. They did a great job! They weeded and pulled dead leaves, planted seedlings, watered and planted seeds to take home. Along the way they reviewed the names of the plants in the salsa garden and the Three Sisters garden. The plants in the former include tomatoes, cilantro and peppers (onions are in a different bed). The Three Sisters Garden includes corn, beans and squash. Some girls also planted in the butterfly garden where they saw the remains of a monarch chrysalis. The girls enjoyed having Dr. H. stop by to see what they were doing!
The girls weeded and pulled dead leaves which they added to the compost bin.

The girls planted seeds to take home.

The 4th grade girl scouts and Dr. H.

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