Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ms. Keller's Class Plants Lettuce and Marigold Seeds

Today Ms. Keller's students learned about Thomas Jefferson the gardener. We confirmed that he was the 3rd president, that he liked gardening and that he had a plantation called Monticello in Virginia. This year the students are planting heirloom seeds that have been saved at Monticello. Today they planted Brown Dutch Lettuce and Tennis Ball Lettuce. Some children also saved seeds from the dead marigold plants in the Jeffersonian Garden. They then planted some of the seeds.

Planting basics: add compost to the soil before planting a new crop (this is called amending the soil, or adding to it); when planting tiny seeds like lettuce and marigolds, barely cover the seeds with soil; water seeds daily; keep the red cover on the bed to keep squirrels away!

The children should keep track of how long until the various seeds germinate.

Today's scribes were Golden and Annalise.

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