Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ms. Connor's Students Look at their Compost Bags

On November 27 Ms. Connor's students visited the garden for their second composting lesson. They looked at the compost bags that they had made two weeks prior and saw that some items had stayed the same and some had changed. The apple piece was mushy and orange, the egg shell was more transparent, the paper and  cardboard were mushy and soft. The screw and piece of plastic were unchanged. They did see a very tiny white worm.

We read part of the book Composting, that talked about decomposers. They learned that this worm was one. We'll check out the bag in two more weeks to see what's changed.

The students wrote about the changes in their garden journal.

After the lesson the students made salads with lettuce, carrots, corn, and peas. They love salad!  They put leftover clean veggie scraps in the compost bin and looked at the worms. They left their forks for me to wash. At Marquez we reuse our disposable utensils!

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