Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ms. Conn's 5th Graders Save Seeds Like Thomas Jefferson

This week Ms. Conn's 5th graders saved open pollinated seeds. We are saving seeds of plants that we like just as Thomas Jefferson did. The students planted open pollinated heirloom peas from Monticello earlier this year.

They saved arugula seeds from the Marquez Edible Garden and broccoli, red buckwheat, marigold and poppy seeds from Ms. Marie's garden.  The tiny seeds of broccoli, arugula and poppy are in seed pods.

Each student chose which seeds to save and labeled their envelope(s) with the name and planting instructions. Some illustrated the front of the envelope as well. They took the seeds home to plant later.

Some students weeded the Jeffersonian Garden so the the sugar snap peas, nasturtiums and marigolds have more room to grow.

Arugula seeds

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