Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ms. Creed's 1st Grade Class Learns about Vegetables and Fruit

This week Ms. Creed's 1st graders learned about vegetables and fruit. They also made a class ABC book about fruits and vegetables and ate some vegetables.

Ms. Marie placed a lot of different vegetables and fruit at the front of the room and asked the children to identify them. Working together they did it. Beets and radish were a bit confusing-they can look so similar-but the beet leaves are longer and have more veins. 

Next the children were given a sheet with a letter of the alphabet. They drew pictures of fruit or vegetables that started with that letter. "Q" was a hard one--quince...but some other letters were much easier!

We went outside to the garden beds where the children could see kale, arugula and tomatoes growing. They saw the bed that they'll plant in soon.

Finally, they enjoyed a snack of broccoli, lettuce, carrot and sugar snap peas. One of the boys said, "I never eat vegetables, but I like this"! 


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