Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blogs by 2nd graders on May 15

My Favorite Things in the Garden
By Sara M and Isaiah

My favorite thing about garden is planting with room 6. I also like to pick grubs from the soil. I like to plant vegetables, beans and flowers and after they sprout we enjoy eating them. We learned a lot! 


                                         By Sofi F and Natasha

                 I like planting a lot of stuff in the garden. I like planting sugar snap peas, broccoli, and lettuce and carrots. In the garden we do a lot of fun stuff like compost and transplanting and a lot of other things. We had fun in the garden!

Super Vegetables
        By Logan, Troy, and Manny
Troy likes the garden because we get to eat.  Manny likes gardening because it is fun. Logan Likes the garden because we get to eat food.

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