Thursday, May 30, 2013

The last second grade banquets of 2013!

Today market the official conclusion of gardening class for second graders. Before eating our "banquet" we reviewed the menu-describing the appetizer, main courses and dessert.   The children tasted the ingredients in the smoothie (kale, mango and banana) separately before drinking the smoothie. The children also tasted kale with and without lemon juice to see the effect on the taste. Chef Elisa taught the children how to cut correctly with a serrated plastic knife, saying that all chefs need to know how to use a knife! They could eat all or part of the tomato broccoli basil salad. What they didn't eat went into the compost pot to be fed to the worms in the compost bin.

Besides eating, the children helped harvest onions, wrote in their journals, planted seeds in paper pots and watched the slideshow that I made about this year's young gardeners.

Note: yesterday the volunteers enjoyed listening to a group sing Madalina Catalina!

The recipes from the banquet are in the prior post. I'll be sending home copies of them to all of the second grade next week.

Thanks for a great year!

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