Monday, October 27, 2014

Ms. Abram's Class Visits the Garden on October 27

Today Ms. Abram's 2nd graders visited the garden for the first time. During introductions they and the parent volunteers shared the names of their favorite vegetables. Carrots were the most popular.

We reviewed the parts of a plant and then discussed which parts of vegetables we were going to eat in today's salad. The children also identified the various vegetables. The salad contained the leaves of lettuce, the roots of beets, carrots and radishes, the seeds of corn, the stem (or stalk) of celery, the flowers of broccoli and the fruit of tomato.  The vegetables for the salad were organic ones donated by Gelson's Market. We are planting all of the above vegetables this fall except for corn and tomatoes which are warm season vegetables.

The children wrote in their garden journals after the lesson. After writing a title, they drew an illustration of a plant, labelled the parts and then wrote a sentence about their favorite vegetable.

Some of the children planted seeds of carrots and radishes while others looked for worms and rolly pollies in the worm bin.  Children from the class also visited at recess and saw some monarch butterfly caterpillars in the butterfly garden.

Today we had two guests from Raw Inspiration who took photos of the garden,, the non-profit operator of California Certified Farmers Market. They manage the markets in the Palisades and Brentwood. In 2012 we became a Jennifer McColm Certified School Garden, a beneficiary of their gardens-into-schools program.

Thanks to today's volunteers: Carolyn, Agnes, Lauren and Sharon.

Salad anyone?

Looking for worms in the composting bin.

Planting seeds

A monarch chrysalis in the butterfly garden

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