Thursday, October 16, 2014

Square Foot Gardening at Marquez

Square Foot Garden

This year we will be using the square foot gardening method in several beds. Currently the bed closest to the teaching area is being planted in this intensive method. The garden is divided into foot wide sections. The size of a vegetable and the spacing of the seeds determines how many seeds or seedlings are placed in each square.

The beds will have the following plants and number:

Beets - 9 per square foot
Broccoli - 1 per square foot (planted)
Cabbage - 1 per square foot (planted)
Carrots - 16 per square foot
Celery - 1 per square foot (planted)
Lettuce - 4 per square foot (planted)
Onions - 9 per square foot
Peas - 8 per square foot (seeds are planted)
Radishes - 16 per square foot
Spinach - 9 per square foot

To do this at home, look on the seed packet for plant spacing. When suggested spacing is:
3" or less, plant 16 per square foot; 4" plant 9 per square foot, 6" plant 4 per square foot, 12" apart plant 1 per square foot.

We are planting cool season vegetables at this time. They like cooler growing temperatures which we will hopefully have! Warm season vegetables will be planted in the spring.

When planting vegetables, whether seedlings or by seeds, I recommend planting some of your child's favorite vegetables and let them pick out the plants and/or seeds. You might also try a new vegetable. This week many kids liked carrots and broccoli, however they tried the beets in the salad and discovered that they liked them! For quick results, plant lettuce and radish seeds. When planting peas, soak them overnight before planting.

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