Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mr. Lantos' Class Plants

Today Mr. Lantos' class learned about Thomas Jefferson and planted in the 5th grade garden. Facts learned included: Jefferson was the 3rd President of the US., his plantation was named Monticello and it is in Virginia. They also learned that he was a horticulturist, his garden was 1,000 feet long, he enjoyed eating vegetables and had a celebration with his neighbors to celebrate the harvest of English peas, his favorite vegetable.  We discussed the meaning of heirloom (something passed down) and seed saving since we are planting seeds from the Monticello garden. Caden was the scribe.

After amending the soil with compost the students planted Champion of England Peas and Tennis Ball Lettuce.

The garden program in 5th grade complements the social studies unit on Colonial America. The seeds which we plant are purchasedfrom the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants.

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