Monday, October 19, 2015

Thanks for a Great Garden Workday!

Over 25 people joined in to help in the garden on October 17. Special thanks goes to Zach Eastland who picked the edible garden for his Eagle Scout project. He designed and installed a large raised bed cover with removable panels that will keep the squirrels out of the vegetables. In addition, he coordinated volunteers who painted the garden shed a lovely shade of blue.

Other garden improvement done by other volunteers included moving heavy bags of soil, installing weed barrier fabric and new soil in two beds, painting signs, planting seeds, weeding and pruning.

Thanks to the Wahling family, the Burch-Roby family, the Eastland family and others for helping!

If you're interested in helping but couldn't help on Saturday, please email Ms. Marie at There's always something to be done. Next on the agenda is emptying bags of xerimulch and weeding in the next phase of the Native American Garden (to the right of the staff driveway).

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