Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ms. Yoshida's Class and Ms. Connor's Class Learn about Worm Composting

On January 11, Ms. Yoshida's class and Ms. Connor's class learned about decomposition and how the red wriggler worms in our worm bin help with recycling our food waste.  The students first learned about rot and the process of decomposition that occurs with the food that is placed in the worm bin for the worms to eat.  They then contributed to the chart that listed what worms can and cannot eat. After writing in their journals, the students made worm salad with fruit and vegetable scraps which they fed to the worms. They had carrots for a snack in the garden and their teachers were given gummy worms to pass out later. Thanks to Mrs. Vander Veen for teaching this lesson.
Vermicomposting is the use of worms to produce compost. Vermicompost or castings are worm manure, also called castings. They are very good soil amendments. 

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