Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ms. Bihari's Class Starts Seeds and Plants

On January 27, Ms. Bihari's 3rd graders planted. The first group planted seeds in seedling trays that they will monitor in their classroom. They planted two types of beans and nasturtiums. They will record when the seeds were planted, when they germinate and when they have two real sets of seeds so that they can be transplanted. We discussed that the nasturtiums will be able to be transplanted in the butterfly garden since pollinators like them. The children also planted some nasturtiums in the butterfly garden. We'll see which seeds germinate first!  We also looked at some carrot seedlings in the Peter Rabbit Garden and discussed that they were too close together. The students learned about thinning. We took out several seedlings and transplanted them in the seedling tray. We'll see if they grow!

The second half of the class planted in the class bed. First they removed the weeds carefully to avoid harming the sugar snap pea plants. They observed that there were six peas growing from their fall planting. Next the students planted seeds of lettuce and spinach as well as some seedlings of dianthus, also called pinks.

One student was the scribe and recorded what the students did today.

The next step is fertilizing the existing plants, supporting the peas with sticks or tomato cages and watering.

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