Friday, May 6, 2016

Thanks to Kellogg's Garden Supply

Kellogg's Garden Supply donated 100 bags of soil to the Marquez School garden this week.  We received Xerimulch, Native Planting Mix, Raised Bed Planting Mix, Worm Gro and Patio Plus Outdoor Potting Mix.

The Xerimulch will be used to mulch the Native American Garden and some of the edible beds. Mulch keeps the soil moist, retards weeds and reduces the need for water. When we apply it we leave a small ring around each plant.

Native Planting Mix is a new product to use with drought tolerant natives, especially when planting in pots.

We add Worm Gro or other compost to all of our vegetable and flower beds before our fall and spring planting. It adds nutrients back into the soil. Remember, healthy soil makes for healthy plants.

I use the Raised Bed Potting Mix when starting new raised beds and reviving old ones.
This is the third year that we have received soil donations from this locally based company.

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