Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ms. Conn's Class Plants Seeds to Take Home

On May 2, Ms. Conn's 5th graders planted seeds in Jiffy Pots which they took home. The pots are made of biodegradable peat moss and wood pulp. Planting in these 3" round peat pots reduces transplant shock because they can be planted directly in the ground or in large containers.

The students chose from flower seeds and vegetable seeds. Sunflowers, beans and cucumbers were popular. They need to keep the soil and container moist and place in a sunny window. Before planting the seedlings should be hardened off by being placed outside in the shade for a few hours each day. When transplanting, either take the plant gently out of the container so the roots won't be disturbed, or plant directly in the ground. If planting directly in the ground, enlarge the hole at the bottom of the pot.

After planting the students helped in the garden by planting tomato plants, adding compost to other beds and watering. Thanks to the Pecsok family for donating tomato plants.

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