Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ms. Bihari's Class Plants Seeds

Two weeks ago, Mrs. Bihari's class learned about "Eating a Rainbow."  We discussed how different colored vegetables (and fruits) supply different important vitamins to our bodies.  Then we planted radishes, carrots, kale, rainbow swiss chard, purple lettuce, and beets to make our own rainbow of vegetables.  We planted half of the seeds under the indoor Grow Light and half directly into their garden bed.  The class made a hypothesis that the seeds would grow equally well in both environments, but so far, most of the indoor seedlings are sprouting, and only three seedlings outside have sprouted.  Hopefully the rain will help!  When the seedlings have three sets of leaves, the students will transfer their seedlings to the garden bed near their classroom.  They will first harden them off to get them used to being outside.

These are the seeds after two weeks! 

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