Friday, February 17, 2017

Ms. Creed's 1st Graders Plant Seeds in Root View Boxes

Today Ms. Creed's first grade students planted radish and lettuce seeds in root view boxes. They'll plant some seeds in the outside root view box when it stops raining!

Ms. Creed had read the book, Tops & Bottoms  by Janet Stevens to the students yesterday in preparation for the lesson.

Before they planted we looked at some vegetables that we eat the bottoms or roots of-radish, beets and carrots as well as a vegetable that we eat the top of-swiss chard.

The students planted the seeds near the window in their root view box so they'll hopefully be able to see the roots grow. We followed the instructions on the link below for the design of the root view boxes. Thanks to the class parents who made the boxes for the students!

The children wrote about the planting activity in their science journals while they were served a small taste of salad. They will keep track of how long it takes to see the roots and how long before the plants germinate.

Special thanks to Winter Armm for helping coordinate the project!

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