Saturday, March 10, 2018

Ms. Creed's 1st Grade Class Plants a Salad Garden

On February 28 Ms. Creed's 1st graders planted a salad garden in the raised bed. They planted heirloom seeds of lettuce and carrots. They planted seeds of both purple and orange carrots. The seeds were donated to our school by Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Renee's Garden. We planted Renee's Rainbow Carrots and Snacking Carrots and Baker Creek's Carrot Nantes Scarlet.

Before planting the children mixed in the compost with trowels to feed the soil.  When planting they dribbled the seeds and then barely covered them with soil since the seeds are so tiny.

Feb. 28-Lettuce seeds planted.

We also planted two tomato seedlings. Ms. Marie took off the bottom one-third of the stems and planted the seedlings deeper in the ground. Where the stems were will become additional roots.

We covered the seed area with a white cloth to keep the soil warmer and speed up germination. On March 9 we could see that some seeds had germinated.

The children also planted lettuce seeds in recycled plastic bottles. The tops were covered with saran wrap until the seeds sprouted.
As of March 9 the seeds had grown about two inches!

March 9-Seedlings are tall!

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