Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kindergarteners are busy learning about composting and planting on March

On March 12 kindergarteners in Rooms 5 and 7 showed up with a terrific amount of food waste brought in from home!  We examined worms at work in our compost bin and set up another new home for more to come (hopefully) with greens and browns.  We also planted clovers to take home for St Patrick's Day with parent volunteer, Jenny Lee.

On March 13, Rooms 1 and 2 did the same regarding composting, garden journals, and planting seeds with parent volunteers Elsa Wolthausen and Laura Salinas. Grandpa Lenny helps often.

In prior gardening times, these kindergartners have also spent time prepping and watering beds in the lower yard; working in their garden journals; harvesting and tasting arugula from the upper yard; making seed bombs; learning about composting.

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