Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Second graders in the garden on March 13

The groups this week learned about more about edible flowers, planted some tomato plants and marigolds, planted radish and lettuce seeds, composted and weeded. 

Most kids didn't know what a marigold is but now they do! Some thought it was a sunflower, and actually it looks like a mini-sunflower... I did a hangman technique to help them guess the name...
_ _ _ _ gold. We discussed three reasons to plant them: 1) aphids (bugs that eat our plants) don't like them; 2) they smell good; 3) they are pretty. We planted the marigolds near our tomato plants and also near a milkweed plant that had aphids.

Thanks to the families that are sending in vegetable and fruit scraps for the composting bins. The worms thank you! The kids still enjoy looking at the worms. In one or two months, we'll have humus and worm castings to add to our garden at Marquez.

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