Friday, March 22, 2013

The First Day of Spring with Second Grade

What a great way to celebrate the first day of spring! Several kids in each class knew that it was the first day of spring. We discussed that many people identify spring as a time to plant and then reviewed the other three seasons.

The kids did garden maintenance, transplanted plugs and planted seedlings and bulbs.  Maintenance consisted of watering, weeding and adding some greens to the compost bin. Some kids removed arugula that had gone to seed from bed #1 and added it to the compost bin. Several kids transplanted very tiny seedlings, called plugs, to larger containers. I obtained the free plugs from a monthly give-away at John Muir Middle School in Pasadena organized by Master Gardener Mud Baron. Other children planted more sugar snap pea seedlings. The kids love to eat these peas so I thought we needed to plant some more!

What's new in the garden? The radish seeds that were planted last week have already sprouted.

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