Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mr. Jacobs' class and Ms. Connor's class plant again

The kids in Mr. Jacobs' class and Ms. Connor's class had their second planting session in the garden on Monday. Jacobs' students planted more beet seeds and carrot seeds and Connor's class planted scallions and carrots.

The seeds that they planted on 10/14 are growing well but we planted more to fill the beds.

We discussed that beets and carrots are root vegetables and also that there are different colors of both vegetables. We can identify which beets are golden or purple by looking at the veins in the leaves. Also, we can identify which plants are carrots by looking at the leaves.  People can also eat all of the beet plant-greens as well as roots.

During the lesson I had the kids identify several plants including golden and purple beets, carrots, scallions, radishes and kale.  Some kids guessed that beets are radishes but they have learned that the size and leaves are different.

We discussed worm composting and that the compost helps create healthy soil. Several kids enjoyed feeding the worms after they planted.

The kids gave thumbs up to the kale smoothies which we served them!

Thanks to Heather Haggenmiller and Carolyn Haselkorn for volunteering and sharing their enthusiasm with the kids.
Also, thanks to Heather for decorating the shade structure!

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