Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ms. Farrell's class visits the garden

This week Ms. Farrell's 3rd graders visited the garden.  We reviewed cool season vegetables and discussed which ones they'd plant. In addition, we reviewed vermiculture and some kids fed the worms. The students planted purple broccoli seedings and seeds of carrots and onions. We had discussed that one benefit of growing your own food or purchasing from a farmers' market is that you have increased variety-e.g. not only green broccoli but also purple broccoli and not only orange carrots but red, yellow and purple ones. The kids also learned that broccoli and onions are companion plants-i.e. "friendly" and like to grow together! One of the boys found a monarch caterpillar in a garden bed and put it back in the butterfly garden. After planting, the kids had the option of drawing a carrot with crayons.  We'll use them for a crayon resist project later.

I enjoyed seeing the kids again. We had fun in the garden last year when they were in 2nd grade. This is a great class!

Thanks to (Grandma)Vi for volunteering to help!

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