Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ms. Gardner's class composts and plants

Today the garden lesson on composting reinforced what the children are studying in science-the role of decomposers. We covered the browns which add carbon-leaves, paper, small branches and greens which add nitrogen to the compost-kitchen veggie and fruit scraps, coffee grounds and tea bags. We have a compost bin and a worm bin in the garden. The kids are most interested in the red wriggler worms in the worm bin. We'll add the worm castings to the garden soil.

We discussed that we garden organically and do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

After the lesson the kids planted spinach, kale, broccoli and pansy seeds. They also fertilized the soil with organic fertilizer.

Today's tasting featured broccoli with ranch dressing.

Planting kale

A close up view of some red wrigglers from the worm bin

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