Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ms. Reeve's class in the garden

On 2/21, Ms. Reeve's class visited the garden and learned about plants used by Chumash and Tongva Native Americans, planted seeds, composted and looked at the worms and ate broccoli. They learned that these two tribes lived in our area of California and used local plants for medicine, ceremonies and food. They were introduced to white sage, black sage, hummingbird sage, cleveland sage and monkey flower. White sage is dried, briefly lit with a flame and extinguished and then passed around people's bodies in a ceremony. Black sage leaves are made into sun tea and applied to painful areas. Cleveland sage is dried and used as potpourri. (Potpourri is a new word to many.)  The leaves and flowers of hummingbird sage can be used to make tea.  The leaves of monkey flowers can be ground into a paste and put on wounds. Hummingbird sage and monkey flower are popular with hummingbirds because of their tubular shape.  We will be planting some of these plants at school soon.
The leaves and flowers of hummingbird sage are used to make tea.

Monkey flower was used to heal wounds.  

Dried leaves of white sage are burned as smudge at ceremonies to create spiritual balance.

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