Friday, November 14, 2014

Ms. Abram's Class and Mrs. Fein's Class in the Garden

This week Ms. Abram's class and Mrs. Fein's class visited the garden. They reviewed the names of some vegetables and what parts of the plants we eat, planted seeds and ate.

I gave them riddles and they guessed the veggie--e.g. "You eat the root of this plant and it is usually orange, but sometimes purple, red, yellow and white" Answer is carrot; "You eat the leaf of this vegetable and it's green and red." Answer is lettuce. "You eat the flower of this plant." Answer is broccoli.

The children planted various seeds including radish, carrots, sugar snap peas and lettuce. We discussed that soaking the pea seed overnight makes it softer and easier for the root to grow. They looked at the roots of some of the seeds. The children also wrote in their journals about planting seeds. Some children also searched for and found worms in the worm compost bin.

The children enjoyed eating celery, carrots, broccoli or sugar snap peas. The vegetables were supplied by Gelson's.

Journal writing

What is this vegetable? Is it a beet or is it a radish? What are the differences?

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