Friday, November 21, 2014

Ms. Gardner's Class Prepares the Woodland Garden for Planting

Today Ms. Gardner's class prepared the woodland part of the Native American Garden for planting. They pulled weeds and put them and pebbles in plastic bags.

One of the students in each group was the scribe, or notetaker, who recorded what the other children did.

One team of students in each group measured the area and perimeter of this part of the garden. The area measures 16 feet x 24 feet which is an area of 384 square feet. Angelica, a parent volunteer, worked with the students that were weeding.

Another team, with the assistance of Wendy W., a community volunteer, used the scale of the planting plant to determine where to place a yarrow, a coffeeberry and a hummingbird sage. We'll plant those after Thanksgiving vacation.

The kids were good workers!
Measuring the area and perimeter

Recording the progress

Weeding and reusing a potting soil bag for the weeds

Weeding and measuring the area

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