Thursday, November 20, 2014

Work Begins on the Marquez Native American Garden

LAUSD has approved our design for a Native American Garden at the front of school. It'll encompass the rose garden, the marquee area and the area to the right of the staff parking lot. The areas to the left of the lot will be cared for by the 4th grade and the area to the right of the lot by the 3rd grade. Many plants in the garden will be ones used by the local Chumash that the children study in 3rd and 4th grade. The garden in the rose garden area will be known as the pollinator garden.

This week Ms. Palo's class and Ms. Gardner's class have weeded and planted in the marquee area. There is lots more work to be done before more plants are planted in December or January. We need to clear away many bushes first! Parents who want to help prepare the soil or assist the children on planting days should contact Ms. Marie at

All 3rd and 4th graders will have an opportunity to plant and learn about some of the common plants such as Cleveland Sage, monkey flower, California poppy, purple sage, white sage, yarrow and black sage.  The children are introduced to many of these plants in their 3rd grade garden unit on Native Plants of the Chumash. As of Friday, California poppy seeds have been planted. We'll invite parents and community members to the kickoff of the garden.

The Native American Garden is divided into three areas: the Woodland and Pollinator areas will primarily be planted and maintained by the 4th grade. The Coastal will be planted and maintained primarily by the 3rd grade.

We're also looking for added donations to help purchase plants. Thanks to the Pacific Palisades Garden Club for the grant to start the garden.

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