Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ms. Chiades' class works in the Native American Garden

Today Ms. Chiades' 4th grade students worked in the woodland part of the new Native American Garden. We first reviewed of some of the native plants that they studied last year. They planted Cleveland sage and hummingbird sage plants. In addition, they sowed seeds of blue lupine. Most of the students remembered that the Chumash (and they) made potpourri from the leaves of Cleveland sage. The students that didn't plant measured the perimeter and area of the two 4th grade "adopted" beds in the front of school. One of the boys said it felt like math class and I reminded him that measuring and math are part of gardening.

We discussed that we have a landscape plan designed by a landscape architect and will plant the plants based upon the design. One of the students was the scribe and wrote in the class garden journal.

The temporary Native American Garden sign in the garden was painted by Ms. Bihari's son.

This is what our Cleveland sage will look like in a year!
The students planted three Cleveland sages and one hummingbird sage. 

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