Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ms. Bihari's Class Plants for Spring

Today Ms. Bihari's class planted in several areas around campus. They planted corn, beans and squash in their Three Sisters Garden, pumpkin seeds near their classroom and nasturtium seeds in the pollinator garden.

Many Native Americans planted these vegetables, including the Navajo, which this class is studying as part of third grade social studies.  They are called sisters because they help each other. The students planted rattlesnake beans, corn and zucchini. The beans will climb up the corn and the squash will shade the corn. At the beginning of fourth grade the children will eat succotash made with these vegetables.

The nasturtiums will attract hummingbirds and are in the pollinator garden.

fyi,  All the seeds that the children planted were donated by Renee's Garden.  The soil in the raised beds was donated by Kellogg's Garden Products and the seedlings were purchased with funds from the Western Growers Foundation grant.

Native American Three Sisters Garden seed packet
 seeds for a hummingbird garden seed packet

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