Friday, April 24, 2015

Using a QR code to learn about the Native American Garden

Visitors to the Native American Garden at the front of school will be able to use QR codes and their smartphones to learn about the plants starting Monday.

To learn about the plants, download the free Quick Scan-QR code reader app. Then point the QR icon at the black and white code by selected plants. It'll take you to the plant description listed on the Marquez Garden on the Marquez website.  Some 4th grade students are writing descriptions of the plants in the garden. You can check them out without the QR code by going to the Marquez Garden.

Soon we will have metal plant signs that include the QR codes.

As of today, descriptions are posted for black sage, hummingbird sage, California poppy, yarrow, purple sage and mugwort. Others will be posted soon. Thanks to Jacob DuBois and Michaela Carmichael for helping with the QR coding and posts.

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