Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ms. Schwartz's Class Plants a Three Sisters Garden

On April 10 Ms. Schwartz's 3rd graders planted a Three Sisters Garden. This garden ties into their study of the Navajo Indians. Many Native Americans planted a version of this garden using corn, beans and squash. These plants (sisters) work together: the beans grow up the corn and the squash covers the ground and keeps it cool. We planted the garden using seeds that were donated by Renee's Garden.In August the students will make and eat succotash with these vegetables.

"Corn, beans and squash, The Three Sisters, were the principal crops of the Iroquois and other Native American groups in the northeastern United States, at the time Europeans arrived here about 1600. By this time, the Iroquois had been planting these three crops together for about 300 years. Corn and beans are not native to this area; they originated in tropical America where they were cultivated by early peoples, long before these crops were cultivated in the northeastern United States. Pumpkins and similar types of squash have a tropical origin, as well."  Quote from the New York State Museum.

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