Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ms. Yoshida's Class and Ms. Connor's Class Make a Fruit and Vegetable ABC Book

On Feb. 1, Ms. Yoshida's students and Ms. Connor's students listed names of fruits and vegetables alphabetically. Mrs. Vander Veen wrote them on the chart. Then each child wrote the names of vegetables and fruits on a letter page that will go in the class Fruits and Vegetables Book.  They also illustrated their page. Mrs. Vander Veen showed them some vegetables from a vegetable abc book to supplement their ideas. We'll be bringing in some of the less common fruits and vegetables this season for them to taste!

The students also added the worm salad that they made in December to the worm bin and reviewed the meaning of rot and decomposition.

For fun, Mrs. Vander Veen offered the students homework of writing down the fruits and vegetables that they eat for this week. Those that complete the homework will get some veggies or a new pencil!

Students generated a list of fruits and vegetables
The Fruit and Vegetable ABCs
Investigating the worms!

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