Monday, February 29, 2016

Ms. Connor's Students and Mr. Jacobs' Students Planted in Reusable Containers

Today Ms. Connor's 2nd graders and Mr. Jacobs' 2nd graders planted seeds in cardboard egg cartons. We discussed the concept of reusing-i.e. using again and how it was good for the environment.
We also discussed how many seeds they'd get if they put two seeds in each of the six cells-12! Then we counted by 2s to confirm. Here is the link for the project:

The children filled the cells with soil and then chose fruit, vegetable and herb seeds. They'll place the container on a tray at home and place water in the tray every other day. The soil in the cell needs to be continually moist. Once the seeds germinate they need to be near a window, if possible. When there are three sets of leaves the seeds can be placed directly in the ground or a pot. If kept moist, the cardboard will disintegrate or decompose. The cardboard should be covered with soil.

Students who can't transplant the seedlings outside chose herbs, kale and lettuce to grow inside.

At the end of class the children harvested lettuce and carrots from the Peter Rabbit Garden and took them back to their class. The carrots were purple, orange and white!

Planting in the cartons

The kids fed the worms some vegetable scraps. We have lots of worms now!

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