Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ms. Fein's and Ms. Yoshida's Students Plant in Egg Cartons

This week, the 2nd graders in Ms. Fein's and Ms. Yoshida's classes planted seeds in cardboard egg cartons and learned the concept of reusing.  The idea for this project came from the Whole Kids Foundation, which recently donated money to the edible garden. Here is the link for the project:

The students took the egg cartons home. Directions for care follow the photos.

Directions for care include: keep moist by placing carton on a tray or plate and preferably watering from below. Once seedlings have 3 sets of leaves they can be placed in the garden; they should be "hardened off" by staying outside 1 or 2 hours for a few days; before planting, separate the six individual cells if desired and cut off the bottoms. Then wet thoroughly and plant in the garden or a pot, making sure that the cardboard is at or below soil level. If the cardboard is above the soil level it will wick away water from the soil surrounding the seedling. Eventually the cardboard will decompose.

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