Monday, April 18, 2016

Ms. Farrell's Class Harvests, Plants and makes a Salad

Today Ms. Farrell's students harvested, ate a pasta salad with vegetables and learned about the Three Sister's Garden.  They harvested yellow, green and purple beans from their bed before planting corn and bean seeds.

In class we discussed that many Native Americans from different tribes had Three Sisters Gardens composed of corn, beans and squash. In fact today they had started their study of the Navajo and read that they had such a garden!  The class had planted beans and squash earlier in the year and they planted corn and more beans today.

The students prepared ingredients for a pasta salad with the help of Grandma Linda and Grandma Karen. Ms. Farrell made the dressing. They then chose which ingredients they wanted from: rotini pasta, chopped carrots, chopped beans, sugar snap peas, feta cheese and lemon olive oil dressing.  We used reusable plates and utensils and discussed the meaning of reusable. The children enjoyed the salad so much that they had several helpings!

Thanks to Amanda Keston for purchasing the sugar snap peas and thanks to Grandma Linda and Grandma Karen for helping!

Chopped beans

Chopped carrots
Pasta salad on reusable plate from IKEA.

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