Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ms. Schwartz's Class Celebrates Earth Day

Today Ms. Schwartz's 3rd grade class visited the garden. We discussed some ways people could help the earth such as recycling, growing our own food and using reusable cups and plates.  We also discussed the Three Sisters theme garden that the 3rd grade is planting. This type of garden was planted by many Native Americans in our country and contains corn, beans and squash. The kids then chose between three areas to work-drawing pictures for a class Earth Day book, planting seeds in the Three Sisters' Garden or assembling a salad. The salad contained sugar snap peas and other vegetables. The children could chose three types of dressing-lemon olive oil, lemon juice or olive oil. The lemon olive oil dressing was the most popular. Sugar snap peas are the Vegetable of the Month at Marquez! Thanks to Yasmine Stutz for assisting today.

Preparing the sugar snap peas

Planting seeds in the Three Sisters Garden

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