Monday, April 18, 2016

Ms. Yoshida's Class Harvests, Eats a Salad and Plants

Today Ms. Yoshida's students harvested, planted and ate a colorful salad. They harvested peas, beets and carrots from the Peter Rabbit Garden. The carrots were yellow, purple and white as well as orange. A few crooked carrots had grown around each other since they had not been thinned.

Some students then planted tomatoes and basil in the Salsa Garden. Later they will plant cilantro and onions and jalapeno peppers. We had discussed the ingredients in salsa earlier in the garden time. We also discussed the correct way to plant tomatoes and the students wrote about that in their garden journals.

The students ate a colorful salad with peas, carrots, red grapes and lettuce. Sugar snap peas are the Vegetable of the Month at Marquez.

Crooked carrots
Harvesting and planting

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