Monday, March 3, 2014

Mr. Jacobs' and Ms. Connor's Class in the Garden

Today's activities centered on harvesting, transplanting and planting. The kids should know the definitions for harvest (pick) and transplant (move a plant) and be able to use them in sentences!

Mr. Jacob's class harvested beets and strawberry guavas. Ms. Connor's students harvested tomatoes and composted the old tomato plant.

Some children transplanted kale while others transplanted johnny jump-ups.

Other children planted seeds of warm season veggies.  Warm season veggies thrive when the air and soil are warm. The children will transplant these when they grow into seedlings with three sets of leaves. The children in each group voted on their favorite warm season vegetables and then planted the seeds. Corn seemed the most popular.

We can still plant seeds of some cool season veggies, especially fast growing ones like lettuce. Please check the prior post for things to plant in the garden in March.

At the end of the school day 2nd and 3rd graders shared strawberry guavas with parents and other students. We have a lot of fruit!

Transplanting johnny jump-ups.

Planting seeds

Harvesting strawberry guavas

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