Monday, March 24, 2014

Ms. Palo's class learns about Chumash plants, plants seeds and composts

In preparation for the design and installation of our Native American garden, the 4th graders learned about some plants used by the native Chumash and Tongva.  We discussed the uses and scents of white sage, butterfly sage and Cleveland sage.  They learned that the Chumash made potpourri from Cleveland sage and that the Chumash used dried white sage in ceremonies. All kids preferred the scent of butterfly sage, so we'll definitely need to have that plant in our garden! Volunteer Carolyn helped the kids plant various seeds, including sweet peas, scallions, basil, thyme, sage and sweet william. Several kids added greens, water and worms to the worm bin and some read information about composting. We finished with a tasting of sugar snap peas from the Palisades Farmers' Market.

White sage is used in ceremonies as smudge.

Adding greens to the worm bin.

Newly planted seeds

A red wriggler worm

One of our first sweet peas!

Reading about composting!

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