Monday, March 17, 2014

Ms. Yoshida's class and Mrs. Fein's class harvest, eat and plant

Today the children harvested all of the arugula in their class beds in preparation for future planting. They then combined the arugula with nasturtium flowers and parmesan cheese to make salad. Mrs. Fein's class also added broccoli. They made the lemon juice and olive oil dressing that we made last month.  The children wrote about "Making Arugula Salad" in their journals. They volunteered the steps necessary to make the salad, starting with harvesting the arugula.

Thanks to our parent volunteers! Parent volunteer Dana helped some of Ms. Yoshida's children plant marigold seeds.  Parent volunteer Sherri helped Mrs. Fein's children plant marigold seeds as well.  These were seeds that they'd saved last fall from marigold flowers.Parent volunteer Myra helped them make the salad.

Children in Mrs. Fein's class helped save the seed pods of the arugula plant. When we have enough seeds for all of the 2nd grade each student will get one. Arugula is very easy to grow in either a pot or the ground!

Children from Ms. Yoshida's class plant marigold seeds.

Sorting the marigold seeds.

Harvesting the arugula
Arugula salad with nasturtium flowers as garnish

Girls from Mrs. Fein's class plant marigold seeds.

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