Friday, January 16, 2015

Ms. Abram's Class learns how to compost

This week Ms. Abram's class had an introduction to composting. We read from the book, "Kids Can Compost", by Wen-Chia Parker, and also looked at examples of the food waste and garden waste that can be placed in the compost bin and the worm composting bin. The kids then wrote about composting in their journals and drew an illustration of a compost bin with greens and browns (the two categories of materials) inside. Greens include food waste such as coffee grinds, apple cores, banana peels, etc. Browns include paper, toilet paper rolls, leaves and twigs. It's important to make the items small when adding them to the bins. The children planted seedlings, and composted and watered after writing in their journals. Thanks to parent volunteers Rachel and Sharon.

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