Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marquez Native American Garden

Forest & Woodland- Marquee Area (First Phase)  
width- 16 ft.
length- 24 ft.
Perimeter- 80 ft.
Area- 384 sq. ft.

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Coastal Natives Area- Located to the right side of the driveway (First Phase)

width- 19 ft.
length- 27 ft.
Perimeter- 92 ft.
Area- 513 ft.

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Pollinator Garden (Rose Garden) Second Phase of Project:
width- 24 ft.
length- 30 ft.
Perimeter- 108 ft.
Area- 720 sq. ft.

Note: design for this area to be revised to include some non-natives (such as roses and other plants) as well as the natives that Ryan recommended. We are aware that Emily wishes to keep boxwood or something that functions like boxwood to keep people from sitting on ledge and also keep skateboarders off of it. 

We will not add plants to this area in the first go-around. We are fertilizing the roses.

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