Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What kids are saying about the garden

This small sample from Marquez students highlights one of the most important benefits of the garden: the kids like to eat the vegetables!! 

"The thing I like about Marquez's garden is that we take the plants we grow and make them into salad or pesto." - Sophie M

"... I like to eat the food. My favorites are the carrots & strawberry guavas." Taylor G.

"I like planting seeds and watching food grow." Logan H.

"I like the garden because it has edible plants in it. The butterfly garden has a lot of pretty plants and flowers in it. I like touching the worms." Kaylie H.

We have fun planting and then picking the food and the fruit that we like. It doesn't take long for the plants to grow."

"I like that the garden looks pretty. I like that we can grow really beautiful flowers and also that we can get food from a garden" - Tanner

"The garden is a fun place to go." - Samantha K.

 "The garden is a great place to learn about fruits and vegetables and plants." "I love that we can pick guava fruits in the garden." "I love that we make potpourri with the garden herbs." - Sara S.

"I think that the garden is a great place and it's much better and more special than anything else on the yard." - Phoebe S.

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