Monday, April 7, 2014

Mr. Jacobs' class harvests beets

Today Mr. Jacobs' class reviewed garden terms, harvested beets and spinach, and planted radish seeds.
We reviewed the following terms: seed, seedling, harvest, transplant, amend, and trowel. We also discussed the relative prices of seeds and seedlings. The kids agreed that buying seeds was cheaper. I explained that I (and we at Marquez) plant both seeds and seedlings. One child said you could eat the seedlings (and that was true for the lettuce seedlings that were the demo!)

We also reviewed root vegetables-we eat the roots of the plant (although you can also eat beet greens).  The beets and carrots that were in today's salad are both root vegetables. We also reviewed that you can tell the color of the beet by looking at the color of the vein in the leaf.

The children turned the soil where the soil amendment was added and then planted radishes.

At the end of class they ate a beet salad with the beets and spinach that they'd harvested along with some carrots and lettuce.

Golden and red beets.

Beet and carrot salad

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