Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ms. Palo's class plants a pollinator garden and more

Today Ms. Palo's students planted a plant and some seeds in the upper mini-pollinator garden. They planted a California fuschia and several types of seeds including California poppies, cosmos and zinnias. There are already butterfly bushes there. Hopefully we'll see butterflies soon! They then went to the lower garden and chose seeds that they planted in biodegradable pots to take home. They should keep the pots moist and transplant the pots into the ground when there are three sets of leaves. Tear off the bottom so roots can go down and cover the top lip of the pot or tear it off so the pot is planted at the level of the soil in the pot. Happy growing!

California Poppy, our state flower


  1. The students loved planting seeds in the pots to take home. And their teacher was delighted to get one too! Thank you!

    1. Glad that you all enjoyed it! Hope the plants and seeds are growing well in the upper bed. :')