Monday, April 7, 2014

Ms. Connor's class harvests carrots and spinach, amends soil and plants seedlings

Today Ms. Connor's second graders reviewed some garden vocabulary before working in the garden and eating. We reviewed the following important terms: harvest, amend, transplant, trowel, seeds, seedlings. Easy meanings: harvest means to pick, amend means to add, transplant means to take from one place and plant in another, trowel is a small shovel, a hand shovel, seedlings are tiny/small plants.
The kids then amended the soil in their bed and transplanted seedlings. Other children planted some seeds and harvested purple carrots for the salad.

They really enjoyed the salad of golden and red beets that Mr. Jacobs' class had harvested, their carrots and other carrots, spinach that they'd harvested and lettuce. They are big fans of the lemon juice olive oil dressing, too!
Our salad!

The purple carrot is orange inside

Two purple carrots

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